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Mofram CLI

Download install script

curl -O
chmod +x mofram

Copy mofram script to /usr/local/bin directory [for macOS]

cp mofram /usr/local/bin
rm mofram

Getting Started

mofram command will show you all available commands and usage hint.

Install framework toolset

Framework toolset (dfx and vessel package manager) installation could be done with the following command:

mofram install

Script checks both dfx and vessel whether they are installed and installs them if not.

Initialise basic dfx project with template

Help is available by running:

mofram init -h

Avialable templates: react (clear react template), react_ii (react with internet identity), react_plug (react with plug wallet), react_stoic (react with stoic wallet). By default react template is used.

Project template should be chosen with an argument. Ledger canister initialisation should be selected with a flag.

Command example that will init project with ledger and react template with internet identity:

mofram init test_project react_ii -l